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Our Products and Services

Surface Chemistry Discoveriesí Products


Surface Chemistry Discoveries' product lines include post etch residue removers, ash residue removers, photo resist residue removers, including aqueous, fluorinated, semi-aqueous, and acidic DSP+ replacement.

Product Application
SCD-15 Series SCD cleaning formulations, pre and post texturing, etc.
 RS Series  Aqueous Resist Strippers and Residue Removers
Enterprise Series*  Aluminum Corrosion Inhibitors and Copper Corrosion Inhibitors
Falcon Series Fluorinated Post Etch Residue Romovers, F-40 now in production.
Aragon Products Novel patent pending personal air filters.
Titan Series Semi aqueous alkaline Photo Resist/Post Etch Residue Remover
 Baran Series Aqueous Alkaline Cleaners


*Enterprise Series - Available for licensing

Custom Products
Surface Chemistry Discoveries also offers custom product development. We welcome the opportunity to formulate products for unique applications.

We recognize that each customer has different specifications and requirements for their specific clean and/or surface preparation steps. We have worked closely with clean tool vendors in developing process recipes to optimize performance and minimize chemical consumption. Our staff has been involved in joint research projects with plating chemical suppliers providing effective surface preparation formulations.

Please contact our surface chemistry application scientists to discuss your cleaning or surface preparation needs. It is important to describe any process restrictions and the tools currently being utilized. We encourage our customers to send us samples of the work piece to be cleaned or surface prepared. If you are unable to provide us with samples of your work piece or you would rather conduct an in-house evaluation, members of our technical staff are willing to visit, and participate in, your on-site evaluations.

The uses for Surface Chemistry Discoveries' products are many and varied, and are referred to by many different names that are familiar in various applications and industries. These include:

  • corrosion inhibitors
  • Solar Cell Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Critical Cleaning
  • Surface Contamination Removal
  • Semiconductor Substrate Cleaning
  • Thick Film Resist Stripping
  • Wafer Level packaging (WLP)
  • Aluminum Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Copper Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Sidewall Polymer Removal
  • Solder Bump
  • Photo Resist Stripping
  • Post Etch Removal
  • Post Etch Clean
  • Wafer Cleaning
  • Wet Process Chemicals
  • Contact Clean
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • Chemical Polishing
  • Wet Process Chemicals
  • Electronics Grade Materials
  • Chemicals Grade Materials
  • Critical Grade Materials
  • Clean Grade Materials
  • Semiconductor Chemicals
  • Semicnoductor Fabrication
  • copper surface cleaning 
  • Personal Air Filter
  • Smoking Cessation Aid



Contact Surface Chemistry Discoveries - Your Post Etch Residue Removers Experts
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SCD is offering to conduct, for a limited number of clients, research and development in surface preparation and cleans.  We believe our expertise, experience, agility and access to state-of-the-art surface analyzers at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, provide a unique opportunity to support the R&D needs of other companies involved in surface preparation, cleans and coatings. We believe our technology expertise offered under an R&D contract will enable chemical and OEM companies offering chemical formulations and tools an opportunity to out source and benefit from additional R&D support.

Analytical Capabilities

  • Field Emission SEM
  • FIB
  • AFM
  • ESCA
  • UV-Vis NIR DSR Spectroscopy
  • FTIR