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Product Applications

Applications for Surface Cleaning and Preparation Products

Semiconductor Fab | LCD

Surface Chemistry Discoveries provides superior cost effective formulated products for surface preparation and hard surface cleaning for a number of industrial applications. We offer specialized, advanced technology chemical products used in niche markets such as:

  • Solar Cell Si Texturing
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Fabrication
  • Thick Film Resist Stripping
  • Media Manufacturing Process Cleans
  • LED Fabrication, resist strip and cleans

Solar Cell Cleaning

We have investigated IPA alternatives for the alkaline texturing of solar Si wafers. We have gained a great deal of expereince on the alkaline texturing process including pre and post texturing clean needs.

Our SC-15 solar cell Si cleaning formulation is now being used in production for various cleaning applications including pre and post texturing cleans.

Inspecting-a-silicon-waferSemiconductor Fabrication

The surface cleaning and preparation of wafers in the Back End Of the Line (BEOL) processes are now critical steps in the production of Integrated Circuits (IC). Over the last twenty years Surface Chemistry Discoveries' staff has developed and successfully commercialized a number of products that are now in use in many of the largest fabrication plants around the world.

In many cases surface cleaning and surface preparation are separate, distinct process steps, each with its own requirements. Surface cleaning usually requires removal of surface contamination of various kinds including metals such as sodium, or copper from various surfaces of structures such as vias, metal runners and dielectrics.

On the other hand, surface preparation is intended to provide a suitable surface for deposition and/or plating of the next layer. Therefore, the surface preparation product used must allow for rapid uniform deposition or plating without generating any voids. We have the products and expertise to provide you with formulations that allow for the cleaning of metal surfaces and provide a desirable surface roughness while passivating the metal. Our products have been proven to prevent time delayed defect growth by effectively passivating certain soft metal surfaces.

The cleaning of various substrates (wafers) that include metals (aluminum, copper, tungsten, tantalum, tin, etc.) in the IC industry has led to the development of cleaning formulations that include corrosion inhibitors. A number of our staff members were part of the original team of scientists who initiated the successful use of various corrosion inhibitors in formulated products for use in the semiconductor industry.

Surface Chemistry Discoveries offers superior cleaning products that also protect exposed metals from corrosion. We also know how to protect the various dielectrics, such as SiO2 and Organo-Silicate Glass (OSG, used as substrates).

Thick Film Resist Stripping

Surface Chemistry Discoveries' RS series products are water based chemistries suitable for stripping both thick film negative resist and thin film positive resist for advanced packaging technology. Our RS Series products can be used for various stripping applications including IC,LCD and MEMS.   

Aragon Air Cleaner

Personal low cost simple novel air cleaner designed using acetate and activated carbon filters in a cigarette tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilZfog0A9A4

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