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About Us

About Surface Chemistry Discoveries, Inc

Surface-Chemistry-particlesMission Statement

Our mission is to research, develop and commercialize surface cleaning/preparation technologies for the thin film technology device fabrication industries.


We provide low-cost formulated surface preparation products to the various niche industries such as integrated circuit (IC), Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and solar cell fabrication, which increasingly rely on surface cleaning and surface preparation to improve production yields.


Over the last 25 years the team members have invented and launched many commercially successful surface cleaning and preparation products. Over $750 million worth of patented products invented by the staff have been sold to many of the world's largest IC fabrication corporations.  Team members have previously succeeded in introducing and commercializing the use of concentrated formulations that are diluted at point of use for certain semiconductor fabrication cleaning steps.  This approach has opened up a third dimension in surface preparation technology, allowing customers to further optimize cleaning process performance, while significally reducing the cost of ownership of the process.  In addition, SCD, Inc. team members have extensive experience in corrosion inhibition technology in aqueous solutions and commercialization of surface cleaning and preparation products with multiple applications.  

Customer Service

We have been successful because we offer superior customer service.  We have met the challenge of satisfying the most demanding customers in Japan, Europe and the United States.  The true test of the quality of customer service is determined by how well a supplier responds to customer issues.  We understand the need to offer our busy customers a seamless process for evaluating, qualifying and using a new product in their process.  We recongnize how valuable our customers' time is, especially those operating production lines 24/7, where hundreds of process steps must take place to produce a finished product.  We strive to meet and exceed customer expectaions and we know that customer loyalty is the only way to ensure long term business success.   

Manufacturing is outsourced to certified ISO 9001 manufacturing companies. Process parameters are monitored throughout the entire production. Sample analysis is performed during production to assure product quality throughout the entire process. Final lot analysis is performed to assure that all requirements are met. Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • Use environmentally friendly components whenever possible and practical
  • Assist our customers in the proper use of our products to minimize chemical use and waste generation
  • Develop aqueous, concentrated formulations that can be diluted with water at the point of use, enabling our customers to further reduce the overall volume of chemicals used in cleaning applications

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