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Welcome To Surface Chemistry Discoveries, Inc.

Surface Chemistry Discoveries, Inc. - Surface Preparation and Surface Cleaning Experts

Surface Chemistry Discoveries (SCD) develops and provides novel formulated products for specialized surface preparation and hard surface cleaning applications. These novel chemical products are utilized in the processing and fabrication of high tech devices, however their usefulness also extends into industrial surface cleaning and preparation applications.  Surface Chemistry Discoveries can assist customers to achieve the most effective surface preparation and cleaning needs.

Surface-chemistry-experimentsOur Mission

To research, develop and commercialize cleaning and surface preparation products.

Surface Preparation is the Foundation

Surface preparation is a critical factor in the development of a successful thin film coating system; it establishes the foundation for layer integration.  A properly prepared surface needs to be cleaned of contaminants, protected from corrosion, and have adequate surface roughness to promote mechanical bonding. SCD products are formulated to address these important aspects.  In surface chemistry, the following principle is well recognized: Excellent surface preparation pre-treatment can allow a poor coating to perform well, while an excellent coating will generally not display good performances if the surface was not properly prepared prior to coating.

Presentation on Cu Cleaning Mechanisms: Will an Undercut and Lift-Off Mechanism Continue to Dominate?
Click Here to download the Cu Cleaning Mechanisms presentation (PDF file).

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